Mediating Material Engagement

The best conference ever (on Mediating Material Engagement. Technology, Narrativity, Performance) has just ended in Messina after three days of intense debate on trasformations of media landscape and our plastic relationship with technologies in the light of Material Engagement Theory with Lambros Malafouris, Mauro Carbone, Michele Cometa and many other distinguished scholars in cognitive science, philosophy, aesthetics, linguistics, semiotics, performance and media studies embracing Enaction. 

Even the students strike on global climate crisis we have bumped into this morning seemed integral part of the conference and of a broader rethinking of the interaction between our body and the environment (which is the heart of enaction). 

And eventually I crossed the Strait of Messina by ferry and visually and bodily understood that it is not at a separation between strips of land, but a natural and spiritual link (that cannot be replaced by a physical bridge in any way). 

Many thanks to Francesco Parisi and the Department of for creating and curating such a memorable experience (which included a rock concert, a stroll on the beach at Torre Faro, the Oar live reading, and an authentic sudden summer storm). #enactivemedia #strettodimessina #climatecrisis #oar

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