Fashion Media

Adopting an ecological and phenomenological approach to human perception and experience, I aim at (re)discussing the relevance and the characteristics of fashion in the contemporary media ecosystem. Fashion is in fact a cultural phenomenon which is deeply related to media, first of all for its “conjunctive” role with other media (cinema and fashionphotography and fashion, tv and fashion, social network sites and fashion, etc.) as both a territory of sedimentation and experimentation of media imaginary (fashion incinema, fashion inphotography, fashion ontv, etc.) and as as vehicle of production of imaginary, symbolic values and spectacularization of the everyday life (fashion films, fashion photography, makeover Tv, fashion blogs/vlogs, ecc.). At a deeper look – as Marshall McLuhan claimed –, fashion and media are even more intimately and mutually implicated: fashion itself can be thought as a medium of perception, for cloth not only envelops, protects, dresses and shows the body, but it also extends the body. Fashion is a biological, cognitive and social extension of skin and identity: “Fashion is the medium”. 

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