Spaghetti TV Crime Fiction

This week In Media Res casts a glance at the most interesting phenomena on Italian television. The framework of “convergence” will be the leitmotif. Through the presented cases, a more complex image of Italian TV will emerge, where traditional elements (as references to conventional genres) and new innovations (as creative use of online media) are now firmly bound together.

In my post, I briefly present the case of  Romanzo Criminale  la serie, the story of the rise and fall of the Banda della Magliana, aired on Italian television in 2008-2010. Romanzo  has attracted the attention of Italian critics as being the most innovative series ever in terms of style and inspiration. I propose the idea that Romanzo  is the gravitational body of a constellation of films and tv series (e.g. Vallanzasca and Faccia d’angelo) which opened a new genre: “spaghetti crime fiction”.